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We help homeowners all day long... everyday!

We solve problems! It's all we do... and we love it.

We are the problem solvers!

If you have one of these problems - we have the solution!

Stressed Woman


  • Behind on your mortgage payments?

  • Facing possible foreclosure?

  • Going through divorce, bankruptcy, or probate?

  • Rejected for a modification

  • Unable to sell your home because it is in poor condition?

Stressed Man


  • Owe more than your home is worth?

  • Risk losing the equity in your home due to foreclosure?

  • Lose sleep?

  • Have income tax liens or child support liens?

  • Owe delinquent HOA dues?

Here's how we can immediately help you!

For Sale

We will "LIST YOUR HOME FOR SALE" as your real estate agents!

  • Postpone any pending foreclosure.

  • Receive an accurate estimate of your home's value.

  • Receive a "net sheet" which shows how much profit you will make at closing.

  • We will market your home for the highest price. Our proven strategies work!

Working from Home

We will "SHORT-SALE" your home

  • Postpone any pending foreclosure.

  • Avoid foreclosure and eviction... Save your credit!

  • Avoid a deficiency judgement.

  • Continue living in your home without making payments while we negotiate with your bank.

  • Make up to $3000 at closing for "relocation assistance".

  • No fees charged to you.


We will "BUY YOUR HOME" for cash

  • Hold off any pending foreclosure until we close.

  • We will close fast!

  • We pay cash - You keep all profit.

  • Move forward with your life.

Business Meeting

We will "TAKE OVER" your payments

  • Postpone any pending foreclosure.

  • Bring your mortgage current immediately.

  • Improve your credit immediately!

  • No fees charged to you.

  • You keep any profit.

Let's discuss your options...
talk to a real person on the other end of the line!


The Top 8 Reasons Homeowners choose The Swalwell Group:

  1.  For over 12 years, The Swalwell Group has worked exclusively in the real estate industry helping distressed homeowners and families.

  2. No problem is too large or too complex.

  3. Having handled over 1500 real estate transactions, we have extensive experience in working with complicated issues in probate, bankruptcy, and divorce.

  4. The Swalwell Group understands how to deal with attorneys and the complexities of different courts.

  5. Everyone in the company has experienced financial hardship so we know what it feels like to suffer and lose sleep.

  6. The Swalwell Group is uniquely qualified to handle problems because it is made up of several companies: V.I.P. Financial Services, LLC, DealMaker Realty, and Junkyard Dawg Construction, LLC.

  7. The Swalwell Group believes in giving homeowners choices. Because we are both realtors and investors, we can offer choices that other people cannot offer.

  8. We love to work and enjoy helping people.

Contact us

5025 N Central Expy # 3028, Dallas, TX 75205, USA

(214) 374-3000

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